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Your professionalism, expert specialty care and the over-all professional aura of your practice will be eternally appreciated. Thank you for everything.
-R.Bush DDS

From start to finish, I had an excellent experience with Dr. Waxman himself and everyone working in his office. I've been 3 times in the past month or so to re-do a root canal that an old dentist mishandled. I find it really difficult to find reviews on doctors (review more of them, Yelpers!!), but Rob's review, Dr. Waxman's web site, and his name on the Best of Baltimore list several years in a row gave me the confidence to check him out.

When I found out I needed the root canal re-done, I was getting ready to travel and was also having issues with a filling I recently had done. I made an appointment for the root canal consultation, but Dr. Waxman did an extremely thorough job checking out my other teeth as well to make sure that I wasn't going to have any issues before I traveled out of the country.

It made me feel so much better that I wasn't going to be in pain before my trip or need to have an emergency procedure before I left. For me, the worst part of any dental procedure is the shots in the mouth. It just seems WRONG and freaks me out! Dr. Waxman was so talented with his shots, it was the easiest I've ever experience and he had to numb me on two different occasions.

The procedures went well (I had it done in two parts). I never experienced any pain during the actual root canal and was content watching HGTV on the flat screen in the ceiling above the chair. Dr. Waxman and his assistants made me feel relaxed and frequently checked in on me to make sure I was comfortable. I am a total wuss when it comes to all things medical, but the staff at the office just made me feel so comfortable. It is a small, homey office, and they make you feel like family.

Dr. Waxman is very thorough, he spent a lot of time talking to me about the issues with my tooth, and he always made sure I had pain meds if needed and antibiotics to prevent infection. Since I relocated to the area about 6 years ago, I've sometimes struggled to find good doctors, so I'm relieved to have a good endodontist should any other issues come up.
-Jody Z

I found the sedation to be stress free, painless, and easy. You are relaxed and the surgery goes by very quickly!

Many thanks to Dr. Waxman and his staff. I really appreciate all of you so much!

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"I found the sedation to be stress free, painless, and easy. You are relaxed and the surgery goes by very quickly!"
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